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2014 Agassi Book Arts Prize – Corinne Welch

Congratulations to MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking student Corinne Welch who was selected for this year’s Agassi Book Arts Prize for her degree show installation ‘The Domestic Miscellany’.

‘The Domestic Miscellany’ is a collection of handmade books, documenting household advice from a bygone age. ‘Inspired by my own collection of antique books, I have used this final year project to explore combinations of low tech and digital printmaking alongside different binding techniques for cloth-bound books. The scalpel has been my tool of choice throughout – cutting paper for collage and stencils, carving rubber stamps, and creating the book structures from paper, board and cloth. My aim has been to use illustration as a form of documentation, recording these voices from the past for a new audience, before they are lost to obscurity.’

Corinne Welch

Works in the collection include:

Dessert Displays

An edition of 6 inkjet printed concertina books of collage illustrations.

The Apt Glass

An edition of 4 double concertina books of stencil prints.

Some English Jam Tart Designs

An edition of 6 swatch books of laser printed rubber stamp/pencil crayon illustrations.

The Art of the Folded Napkin

An edition of 8 Turkish folded books of inkjet printed frottage illustrations.

To Pickle

An edition of 8 Japanese stab bound books of relief and stencil prints.

Table Manners

A one-off Japanese stab bound fabric book of digital illustrations embellished with embroidery.

Vegetable Guidance

An edition of 6 concertina snake books of inkjet prints of line drawings, overprinted with rubber stamps.

The Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

An edition of 10 pamphlet stitched books of rubber stamp illustrations with typewritten captions.

For further information see Corinne’s website: