Book Arts


Bower Ashton Library
Monday 18th April – Thursday 30th June 2016

‘Ash Wednesday’ by Sarah Rhys 'Bewitched' by Anwyl Cooper Willis 'Crackerbooks' by Kate Williamson, Corrine Welch, Rebecca Weeks 'Dogs' by Maxine Foster 'Family Business' by Julie Leach 'Garden Bird Collaborations' by Daisy Ley

This exhibition celebrates the huge diversity of form and subject matter of book works created by members of the UWE Artist’s Book Club.

ABC is a cross-disciplinary forum for makers of artists’ books and ephemera. It was founded in 2009 by Lilla Duignan when she was a student on the Multidisciplinary Printmaking MA course, joined by Angie Butler in co-organising ABC events. Each year, two students coordinate the group for the academic year. ABC is open to all creative arts students and interested parties based at Bower Ashton, UWE. It provides an opportunity to get together for critical and constructive dialogue, to contextualise work, explore ideas and to develop creative practice and theory. ABC meets and works, as a group, towards exhibitions, projects and participation in regional and national artist’s book fairs and events. It invites book artists to come and speak to the group and it runs practical sessions.

Although originally started by printmaking students, it has since become clear that book art and book objects are also being produced by sculptors, painters, illustrators, textile students, design students and many of the other creative disciplines at UWE. As well as clearly influencing the form of the book works, this also means that the subject matter is endlessly varied too, often referencing the other lives and interests of the members. This exhibition therefore, provides a wonderful opportunity to explore a huge range of artists’ books.

Works on show will include
Uccello’s Beautiful Battle by Kate Bernstein. A book referencing the C15th painting of the violent battle of San Romano which was depicted by Uccello as a beautiful pageant.

News from New York. A screenprinted book by Stephanie Turnbull of a selection of New York Times headlines from September 2015.

The Wood Invites me In… by Chris Watkins. An accordion fold book of linocut images and text “The book was made to mark an event which I found upsetting, which occurred in the woods about half an hour’s walk from my front door…”

A sculptural book made from collagraph prints by Kate Williamson, which tells the story of a princess pining away in her tower (Once Upon a Time…). The book is part of an ongoing body of work, including ceramics, which reference the Isle of Lewis Chess set.

The Prophesy of the Raven King by Elaine Knight is a leather scroll with heat transfer mirror printing which is one of her many sculptural books that are influenced by poems and prose works.

Over the years ABC has also taken part in many collaborative projects. The latest one was inspired by a collection of Christmas cracker toys inherited by Rebecca Weeks from her uncle. Six ABC members have been working on a small edition of ‘cracker books’. A notched gatefold format developed by Corinne Welch has been interpreted in six totally different ways. The early results of this project will be on show in the library exhibition, with a finished edition of ten boxed sets of cracker books due to be completed by the summer. The artists involved are Linda Parr, Alison Sloggett, Stephanie Turnbull, Rebecca Weeks, Corinne Welch and Kate Williamson. ABC’s next venture is a curated stand at turn the page at The Forum Norwich in June.