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Artists’ Books Exhibitions at Bower
Ashton Library

School of Creative Arts, Department of Art and Design
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Artists’ Publishing
Part II

15th June – 28th July 2009


The second selection of books which form part of the larger New Wave exhibition of artists’ publishing later this year (at Impact Printmaking Conference in September). These books have been chosen to demonstrate some of the areas of interest in our AHRC supported research project. These publications are all about content – whether a tiny zine or a beautifully produced, limited edition book, we believe they offer aspects of the strength of concepts of artists’ publishing in the 21st Century. The books featured include:

…to relieve friction, Tim Staples; A book of THE tree a book of A tree, Kyoko Tachibana; A Powerfully Exciting Short Story, Barbara Tetenbaum; And, Kurt Johannessen; Bio-autographic: issue zero, Mike Nicholson, Ensixteen Editions; Boiler Suits for Primates, Bill Burns, Neutral Ground; DIY Joe Scanlan, Imschoot Uitgevers; I Have a Dollar, Amber Hares; Klepsydra, Stanislaw Dróżdż, Galeria 86, Lodz; moments of forces, Susan Johanknecht, Gefn Press; No… this is not an artist’s book, Stephen Spurrier, Ugg Boot Press; Police: Coffee Break, The Chase, The Secretary, Tobias Jacob and Friederike von Hellermann; Random Passions, Karen Hanmer; Ringinging, Colin Sackett; Roadkill, Lucy May Schofield; Sobre el Cuore, Andrés Gatti; Ten Scenes from a Dream About Minimalism, Meir Agassi; The Process, Mette Ambeck; THEENGLSHALPHABET, Colin Sackett; Three Fifths Fluid, Michael McGraw; Uncertain English Dictionary, Masumi Shibata, masumiEDUCATIONAL / Preacher’s Biscuit Books; vector, Francis Elliott, Foundry, FND 055; When is an artist’s book not an artist’s book? Gray Fraser, productiongray editions; wirelesslessness, Colin Sackett, Coracle, London, and Yes… this is an artist’s book, Stephen Spurrier, Ugg Boot Press.

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We are showing these examples to remind you that our survey is running online alongside the ABTREE diagram and we want your opinions before it closes!


The survey is open until the end of July, and we would appreciate your views; there are forms for Academics/Instructors, Book Artists, Collectors /Curators (private and institutional), Dealers, Presses /Publishers and Students.

The ABTREE diagram is also on the same page and is downloadable as a PDF file. You can make your alterations to the ABTREE diagram electronically or physically, sign it (if you want) and email or post it back to us before the end of June, we will include it in the exhibition wall for our conference in July and for the Impact conference in September.

We have had some great diagrams back already – some agree, some disagree, some have added, deleted, rearranged or just started again. It is really up to you to make it reflect your view of what can and cannot be an artist’s book. Many thanks to those of you who have already sent theirs in, after the call in the May newsletter.

Links to reports, the online discussion forum on Artist Books 3.0 and more information on the project.

We hope to hear from you soon!
Sarah Bodman / Tom Sowden