Book Arts

Bristol Artist’s Book Event (BABE)

BABE 2015

Thank you to all the exhibitors and visitors who came to BABE, the Bristol Artist’s Book Event over 11th-12th April, and making it so special. 7150 visitors came to this free event over the weekend!

We had 113 artists exhibiting books from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sicily, Spain, South Korea and the UK.

You can view extracts from the event at:

Read a review here:

See a timelapse film of the auditorium at Bristol Artists Book Event 2015. From set-up to take down in under two minutes.

Exhibitors were:

ABC at UWE, abombpress, ABPress, Aidan Moesby, Alembic Books, Alex Pritchard, Alys Jones, Ambeck Design, Amber Hsu / Tiny Pencil, AMBruno, Andrew Law, Angela Thames, Annwyn Dean, Antic-Ham, Antonio Freiles/Spazio Libro d’Artista,, Atlantic Press, B-open bokkunstgruppe/Norske bøker, BA (Hons) Illustration at Plymouth University, BA (Hons) Visual Communication – Arts University Bournemouth, Banbury and Bicester College, Bernd Reichert/MailWorks@Bruxelles, Big Jump Press, Bob Howe Letterpress, bookartbookshop, Café Royal Books, Cally Barker, Camberwell College of Arts, Caroline Barker, Caseroom Press, Charlotte Hall/Eccentric Horace, Charlotte Vallance, Collective Investigations, Container, Covet & Whistle / Ros Blackmore, David Jury/Fox Ash Press, EAK Press, Ed Boxall/Pearbox Books, Eileen White, Elizabeth Shackleton Collinge & Conrad Collinge, Elizabeth Shorrock, Emily England, Ensixteen Editions, Essence Press, Exclave, Field Study Publications, Gaynor Williams, Gemma Lacey, Graeme Hobbs/Colva Books, Heather Prescott, Here Gallery, HG Makes, Impact Press, Iro Tsavala, James Roy Blair Anderson, Jane Cradock-Watson, Jill Carter, Jo Reed Turner, Joan Ainley, Joanna Wilkinson, John Barrett, Julie Caves/Little Black Press, Karen Joyce, Karoline Rerrie, Kate Black, Liver & Lights Scriptorium, London Centre for Book Arts, Lucy Baxandall, m-collective/Battenburg Press, Mandy Brannan, Marches Book Arts Group, Mark Hudson, Mark Pawson/Disinfotainment, Mavina Baker/Teacup Press, Micro Library Books, Mireille Fauchon, Mostly Flat, Mr Smith, Nancy Campbell, Noriko Suzuki-Bosco, Old Bear Press, one.zero6 press, ottoGraphic, p’s & q’s Press, paperwallah, Pat Hodson, Paul Dean, Pete Kennedy, Pineapple Falls, Polite, Pylon Press/Plymouth College of Art, reassemble, Rebecca Freeman, Redfoxpress, Richard Roberts/Roberts Print, Road Books, Robert P. Clarke, Ryan Gajda, seekers of lice, Semple Press, Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize/Bank Street Arts, Stroud Artists’ Books, The Drawing Room, The Emma Press, The Shipping Press, Thomas Tomasska, Uniformbooks/Colin Sackett, UWE Graphic Design, UWE Illustration, whnicPRESS.

Thanks to Stephen Fowler and Guy Begbie for running the free workshops, Angie Butler, Ben Thomas, Linda Newington and Tanya Peixoto for tours; Nancy Campbell and Simon Goode for surgeries; all of the event performers and readers over the weekend particularly Yes Sir I Can Boogie! And Bristol Art Library; to Arnolfini helpers; to Angie B, Corinne Welch and Hazel Grainger for set up help; the wonderful Snoozie, chief trolley dolly – Beryl and Violet for serving all the tea and cakes and Pearly King for baking such delicious treats for all the exhibitors!

We had a brilliant weekend and hope all the exhibitors and visitors did too!

Thank you all and we hope to see you at BABE 2017… Sarah, Tom, Phil and Holly.