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BABE: Bristol Artist’s Book Event at  Visit tie website
Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA
Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April 2009

Thanks to all the participants in BABE 2009! We really enjoyed the weekend and hope you did too.


83 national and international artists, presses, groups, colleges, publishers and dealers showcased hundreds of artists’ books over the weekend. Exhibitors travelled from as far afield as South Korea, mainland Europe and the USA to take part in BABE. 6,467 visitors came to Arnolfini for the event over the weekend.

Special events to accompany the book fair included:

Mash-up kids workshop - concertina books with Tamany Baker : www.tamany.net

Paper engineering workshop with Guy Begbie

A roving bookselling performance by BABE’s rogue trader Stephen Fowler


Performances of vector and Picasso’s Guitar (http://www.foundrypress.co.uk/foundryarchive09.html) by Francis Elliott (Foundry Press) : www.franciselliott.com


“Between You and Me” a book dress created by Tortie Rye and Kirstie Macleod, and performed by Eloise Fornieles. www.tortie.co.uk / www.dreamingdresses.com
/ www.eloisefornieles.com

Walking tours with Tanya Peixoto of bookartbookshop www.bookartbookshop.com and Julian Warren Arnolfini’s Archivist.

Atlas Press - 25 Years of Anti Tradition featured in the showcase in Arnolfini bookshop : www.atlaspress.co.uk

A free ‘book surgery’ ran over the weekend with artist and writer Nancy Campbell (www.nancycampbelle.blogspot.com) on Saturday, and Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden on Sunday, with limited bookable slots for help and advice on artists’ books.


Lots of photos by Arnolfini’s official photographer Carl Newland are at: http://gallery.me.com/carlnewland

List of Participants:

ABC @ BIAD : www.artistsbookcollective.blogspot.com/
Abombpress : www.abombpress.co.uk
Altazimuth Press : http://peterchasseaud.blogspot.com
AM Bruno : www.am-bruno.blogspot.com
Antic-Ham : www.anitcham.com
Archive Books
Artistsbooksonline : www.artistsbooksonline.com
Bob Howe
Bookartbookshop : www.bookartbookshop.com
Borbonessa : www.borbonesa.co.uk
© Leslieworks : www.leslieworks.co.uk
Cally Barker : www.thebookproject.org
Camberwell College of Arts : www.camberwell.arts.ac.uk
Cardboard Press : www.cardboardpress.com
Colin Sackett : www.colinsackett.co.uk
Coracle : www.coracle.ie
Damn Fine Art : http://damnfineart.blogspot.com/
David Barton
EAK Press : www.eakenterprises.org
East London Printmakers : www.eastlondonprintmakers.co.uk
Emily Speed : www.emilyspeed.co.uk
Ensixteen Editions
Francis Elliott
Foundry : www.foundrypress.co.uk
Guy Begbie
Here Shop & Gallery : www.thingsfromhere.co.uk
Hilary Judd & Lucy May Schofield : www.lucymayschofield.co.uk / www.hilaryj.co.uk
Ian Abbott
Ignition : www.ignition.ie
Illustration at the University of Plymouth : www.illustration-plymouth.typepad.com
Imi Maufe
Joan Ainley
Impact Press, UWE Bristol : www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk
Liver and Lights Scriptorium : www.liverandlights.co.uk
  Lorna Crabbe : www.lornacrabbe.co.uk
Love to Print/Lonely Panda : www.lovetpprint.blogspot.com / www.lonelypanda.com
Lunardog Limited : www.lunardog.com
Mark Pawson : www.mpawson.demon.co.uk
Matthew Dale : www.matthewdale.wordpress.com
Mermaid Turbulence : www.mermaidturbulence.com
Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck : www.ambeck.mdd.dk
MM Visual Catering : www.rook.dircon.co.uk
Mr. Smith
Newthink Books : www.newthink.co.uk
North by South West : www.thisacademy.com/northbysouthwest
Otto Books : www.ottobooks.co.uk
Oxford & Cherwell Valley College : www.ocvc@ac.uk
p’s & q’s Press
Parvenu Press : http://carolyntrantparvenu.blogspot.com
The Pearbox Press : www.edboxall.com
Preacher’s Biscuit Books : www.preachersbiscuitbooks.com
Rag-and-Bone Shop Books : www.artistsbooksonline.com
Reassemble : www.reassemble.co.uk
Redfoxpress : www.redfoxpress.com
Responsa Press : www.amandasmith.org.uk
RGAP : www.rgap.co.uk
Righton Press : www.artdes.mmu.ac.uk/rightonpress
Ros Blackmore & Andrew Hansford
Salt and Shaw
Serendipity Press : www.seredipitypress.wordpress.com
Sidney Nolan Trust : www.sidneyreynoldstrust.org
Stephen Fowler
Super Press : www.sumiperera.com
Tamany Baker : www.tamany.net
Talk Sense Press
Triangular Press
Typecast feat. Exit Stencilist :  www.t8gallery.com
Winchester School of Art Library :  www.soton.ac.uk/library


Many thanks to Arnolfini staff, especially Peter, Julian and Snoozie who worked so hard to make it such a great event. www.arnolfini.org.uk

We hope to see you all again at the next BABE in 2011!

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