Book Arts

BABE – The Lost Weekend

Arnolfini, Bristol – online

Sat 17th April – Sun 18th April 2021

Bristol Artist’s Book Event at Arnolfini presented works by over 160 book artists and small publishers from around the world, online over the weekend. We had submissions of books and videos from artists and publishers in Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK & Ireland and the USA.

Artist’s book films – We have archived a wonderful selection of 120 videos by artists and publishers for you to watch on The Lost Weekend playlist here.

Online catalogue – As we could not physically show the books over the weekend, we made a mini catalogue of 138 books for you to download, browse and contact the artists / publishers here.

Over the weekend, Arnolfini also hosted a series of live online events including a creative writing workshop led by Egidija Čiricaitė; a printing demonstration by the Lemonade Press, and a shadow boxes workshop for families by Linda Toigo. Linda’s shadow boxes workshop is online for anyone to participate in, watch the video here and download the instructions here.

PARTICIPANTS in The Lost Weekend: ABC@UWE & The Poetry Machine (UK) ABPress (UK) Alexandra Czinczel – The Chinchilla (UK) AMBruno (UK) Andi McGarry – sunmoonandstarspress (Ireland) Andrew Morrison (UK) Angela Callanan (UK) Anna Juchnowicz (Poland) Aoife Barrett (Ireland) ARKIR – Book Arts Group (Iceland) Åsa Andersson (Sweden) Barbara A. Morton – Entropie Books (UK) Barbara Salvadori (UK) Batool Showghi (UK) Ben Jenner (UK) Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective – featuring: Irene Chan Ch’An Press (USA) and Radha Pandey (Norway) BA Hons Visual Communication, The Arts University Bournemouth (UK) Bristol Editions (UK) British Library (UK) Café Royal Books (UK) Camilla Gunnar (Finland) Carolyn Trant – Parvenu Press (UK) Cathey Webb (UK) Charlotte Biszewski – TYPA (Estonia) The Chevington Press (UK) Charlotte Hall – Eccentric Horace (UK) Christine Pereira-Adams (UK) Claire Gladstone (UK) Clare Rogers (UK) Codex Polaris (Norway) Conway & Young (UK) Corinne Welch (UK) Csilla Bíro (UK) Daniel Lehan (UK) David Armes – Red Plate Press (UK) David Solo (USA) Delpha Hudson (UK) La Dïéresis artisan publishers (Mexico) Dmitry Sayenko (Russia) Dorothea Fleiss (Germany) Edition Residencies (UK) Éditions Zitrone (France) Egidija Čiricaitė & George Cullen (UK) Eileen White (UK) Emily Artinian & Kaori Homma (USA) Elizabeth Willow (UK) Elliot Steele (UK) Erin K. Schmidt (USA) Eva Hejdström (Sweden) Eva Voutsaki (UK) Falmouth University MA Illustration Authorial Practice (UK) Felicity Bristow (UK) Fenneke Wolters-Sinke (UK) Field Study International (Australia) Finlay Taylor – Pupa Press (UK) Gaby Berglund Cárdenas & Bev Hayes (Sweden) Gin Saunders (UK) Gina Fowler (USA) Glenn Thomas (The Netherlands) Guy Bigland (UK) Hazel Grainger – HGmakes (UK) Hazel Pitre (UK) Helen Douglas – Weproductions (UK) Helen Fry (UK) HIVE (UK) Holly Birtles & Tim Burroughs (UK) Hormazd Narielwalla – Concentric Editions and EMH Arts (UK) Imi Maufe (Norway) Jac Batey – Ministry of Books (UK) Jane Savage (UK) Janet Allsebrook (UK) Jean McEwan (UK) Jeff Rathermel (USA) Jeremy Dixon – Hazard Press (UK) Jill Vigus (UK) Judy Kravis & Peter Morgan – Road Books (Ireland) Julie Johnstone – Essence Press (UK) Kate Bernstein (UK) Kate Morrell (UK) Kirsten Dietrich (Denmark) Kurt Johannessen (Norway) The Laurence Sterne Trust (UK) Lee Shearman – Ministry of Books, (UK) The Lemonade Press (UK) Leonie Bradley & Catherine Cartwright (UK) Lina Nordenström – GG Print Studio (Sweden) Linda Parr – Postcards for Perec (UK) Linda Toigo (UK) Lisa Davies (UK) Little Free Library / Street Road Artists Space (USA) Liver and Lights Scriptorium (UK) London Centre for Book Arts (UK) Magnus Irvin (UK) Majka Dokudowicz & Ioannis Anastasiou (Poland/Greece) Maria White (UK) Marian Crawford (Australia) Marilyn Tippett (UK) Marinus van Dijke (The Netherlands) Mark Burden (UK) Mark Pawson (UK) Megan Adie (Denmark) Mel Brown (UK) Mike Nicholson – Ensixteen Editions (UK) Mireille Ribière (UK) Mónica Goldstein (Argentina) North West Book Artists (UK) ottoGraphic (France) Pat Hodson (UK) Paul Cooke – Dubious Books (USA) Paula Roush (UK) Pauline Lamont-Fisher (UK) Peter Foolen Editions (The Netherlands) Petra Schulze-Wollgast – psw (Germany) Pineapple Falls (UK) Pist Protta (Denmark) Portland (International) Pot-Luck Book Works (UK) Rachael Clerke (UK) Rachel Marsh – Semple Press (UK) Rachele Riviere (France) Rebecca Weeks Art (UK) Robert Good (UK) Roelof Bakker – Negative Press (UK) Ros Simms – Ministry of Books (UK) Sally Alatalo (USA) Salt+Shaw (UK) San Francisco Center for the Book (USA) Sara Elgerot (Sweden) Sarah Bodman & Chrystal Cherniwchan (UK) Sarah Bryant (USA) Scott McCarney (USA) Sheena Vallely (UK) Sophie Artemis (UK) Stephen Fowler (UK) Sue McLaren (UK) Sue Vallance (UK) Tamar MacLellan & Philippa Wood (UK) The Book Band (UK) Tim Mosely (Australia) Tim O’Riley (UK) Tim Shore (UK) Timglaset Editions (Sweden) Ton Martens (The Netherlands) Tracey Bush (UK) Tricia Treacy, Denise Bookwalter & Aaron Cohick (USA) Uniformbooks (UK) Viktlösheten Press (Sweden) Wild Pansy Press (UK) Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw (Poland) Yasushi Cho – NIKKOO / Laughter (Japan) yellowfields (UK) YuIzdat/ЮИздат Publishing House (Russia) Zine Without a Crown (Poland).

We invited the public to join in our ‘Make, Do and Send’ creative challenges for #BABE2021. These were a series of book-based creative prompts and invitations to respond to by Sarah Bodman, Tom Sowden, Angie Butler, and Emily Artinian & Kaori Homma. Julie Johnstone and Maria White curated RESPOND, an artists’ books multi-person curated online exhibition in the run up to The Lost Weekend.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made The Lost Weekend such an enjoyable event. BABE is organised by Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Phil Owen and Tom Sowden (Centre for Fine Print Research, School of Art & Design UWE Bristol and Arnolfini).