Book Arts

Traditional and emerging formats of artists’ books: Where do we go from here?

This was a two-day conference, held at the School of Creative Arts, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th July 2009 as part of our AHRC project.


Many thanks to all of our speakers for their wonderful presentations. You can listen to the audio, read texts and view some images from the talks for each speaker:

Emily Artinian : NPOV Wikipedia and artists’ books
Kenneth Butler and Richard Cox : In conversation
Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer : Liberature: Literature In The Form Of The Book
Paul Clarke, Clare Thornton and Julian Warren : The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey
Bibiana Crespo : Book Art. Changes and developments in the second half of the 20th century
Angela Gardner : light-trap press: seeing projects from conception to publication and beyond
Andi McGarry : Artists’ Publications
seekers of lice : escape routes exist
Kathleen Walkup : The book is a public place

Questions and answers session 1 : Play the recording
Questions and answers session 2 : Play the recording


Thanks also to Francis Elliott (Foundry) for Dark Globe Enclosed Systems, to Baysan Yüksel for showing her artists’ books, Angela Gardner for the light-trap press displays, Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer for showing Liberature publications, and to all of you who sent their ABtree diagrams for our first display wall.

Thanks to all the delegates for coming, some from as far as Australia, USA, Denmark and Belgium. We hope you all enjoyed the conference as much as we did!


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