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Gwalia Gazette – World Book Night 2019

Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood was selected by the WBN 2019 coordinator Linda Parr for our tribute this year. 47 contributors joined WBN 2019 by reading Under Milk Wood then selecting their ten favourite words to send us. Artists, translators and writers sent their chosen words from Canada, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and USA.

The core group of WBN United Artists returned the words to Wales, visiting Carmarthen and Laugharne in March 2019. After a trip to Dylan Thomas’s former home, between us, we jumbled up the words to use as the basis for elements of a local small newspaper, the Gwalia Gazette. The gazette features local news, classified ads, a poets’ corner, advertisements for local shops and services, racing results and lonely hearts.

Contributors to the project: Vick Bain, Guy Begbie, Kate Bernstein, Csilla Biro, Julie Blankenship, Sarah Bodman, Nancy Campbell, Chrystal Cherniwchan, Andrew Dally, Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press), Sara Elgerot, Su Fahy, Jil Fairclough, Stephen Fowler, Jan Fyfe, Hazel Grainger, Gen Harrison (typochondriacs), Hazel Ingrey, Rosemary Ingrey, Eva C Johansson, Elaine Knight, Mary Kritz, Pauline Lamont‐Fisher, Jill Lauriston, Daniel Lehan, Tamar MacLellan, Barbara A Morton, Linda Parr, Sumi Perera, Karen Pierce, Bernd W Plake, Catherine Polley, Martin Polley, Alison Raybould, Andrea Robinson, Lynne Shaw, Gwen Simpson, Noriko Suzuki Bosco, Elisabeth Tonnard, Eran Tzelgov, Zelda Velika, Cathey Webb, Corinne Welch, Ulla West, Maria White, Roy Willingham, Philippa Wood.

WBN United Artists in Wales producing the book and video imagery: Guy Begbie, Kate Bernstein, Csilla Biro, Sarah Bodman, Nancy Campbell, Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press), Stephen Fowler, Gen Harrison (typochondriacs), Linda Parr, Bernd W Plake, Simon Smith, Zelda Velika.

WBN United Artists 2019 has been coordinated by Linda Parr. With thanks to Angie Butler for printing the Gwalia Gazette, Si Butler and Simon Smith for creating the music for the video, and to Cath Fairgreave for background information in Laugharne.

Gwalia Gazette publication

Contributors to the project receive a printed version of the Gwalia Gazette.

You can download a free PDF edition of the Gwalia Gazette here.

Gwalia Gazette video

For World Book Night, our video includes photographs from Carmarthen and Laugharne; a specially produced map and sweets from Mog’s by Linda Parr, the making of the Gwalia Gazette with visual responses to some of the words by Guy Begbie, Jeremy Dixon, Gen Harrison, Zelda Velika. Watch it here.