Book Arts

LENvention at UWE Bristol 28/06/16 – 29-06/16

Report by Angie Butler:

The annual ‘LENvention’ (Letterpress Etiquette Network Convention) event was held on 28th-29th June at the Print Centre, UWE Bristol for an invited group of letterpress practitioners with a particular interest in artists’ books.

This year’s theme for our project was Empathy, and the collaboration was led by visiting artist Dr Tim Mosely, of Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR) at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Tim’s current research focus – the haptic and artists’ books, draws on autographic printmaking techniques and the indexical nature of the print to address the role of the senses in the reception and evaluation of art.

We had a fantastic, challenging, fun and very productive two days: with day one spent printing letterpress on Kozo (a Japanese handmade paper) and also on heavyweight ledger paper that had been offset printed by Tim and Brad Freeman at The Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, USA.

Day two was spent collating, discussing and binding the artists’ books produced – all 21 of them! The complete set of books can be viewed in the gallery here.

Contributors to LENvention 4, 2016 were:

Angie Butler, UK
Brad Freeman, USA
Hazel Grainger, UK
Lucy Guenot, UK
Rachel Marsh, UK
Imi Maufe, Norway
Andrew Morrison, UK
Tim Mosely, Australia
Elizabeth Willow, UK
Philippa Wood, UK

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