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Friederun Friederichs, Germany
Art Library 2012
Friederun Friederichs, Germany

Friederun Friederichs, Germany     Friederun Friederichs, Germany

Friederun Friederichs, Herrenberg, Germany, April 2012
Why not take ART as the best language that does not need translation. Art speaks every tongue. Art makes itself understandable without words, attracts mind and soul by emotion and thought. Art knows no boundaries, art would be the best messenger.

This artist book object works like a tiny art library, a bookshelf, a tiny cupboard, a container for miniature books, cut and folded from my own original artworks.

Books can burn but no book tradition can be burnt!

Friederun Friederichs: Studies in history, history of art and German language and literature studies. Recipient of a scholarship from the Deutsche Studienstiftung, Doctor of Philosophy. Active in a publishing house, university (history of municipal law) and conservation of historical landmarks and buildings.

Publications of essays about the history of municipal law. Ongoing worldwide web based project www.ReadingWoman.org Organisation International plein-air with publication catalogue. Paintings and Artists’ Books in various techniques.

National and international exhibitions. Annual participation in Frankfurt Book Fair. Docent for experimental art and hand made books. Literature and press release. Works in Public Collections

Artist book object: Book box with miniature books, 18 x 24 x 6 cm