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‘Diaries, Journals and Notebooks’
An exhibition of the book works of Steve McPherson
The exhibition runs from 9th October to 7th December 2008.

For over 15 years
Steven McPherson has made and used books in his art works. His diaries, journals and notebooks are a growing wunderkrammer library that ordinarily describe events of the everyday and uniquely exist as part book, part sculpture.


These re-claimed photo albums and note books are transformed through a process of collecting and positioning matter, of significance and otherwise. Each double page is a space to be filled with lists, words, prose, image and object - placed and replaced - posited and edited until relationships are formed, meaning merged and accounts described. This process can take from a day to months to complete, and combines to form the bloated tome of personal identifiable and un-identifiable histories.

McPherson’s obsessive nature and bibliophilic leanings have spawned a relationship with books that has gone beyond that of his journals and have lead him to use the book as matter and material, of sculpture and installation. From concrete bookshelf tombs - to a plateau or ocean of open books on the floor of gallery space in London, he has and continues to investigate the idea of the book as a potent symbol for a wider search for understanding. These and other works can be found at www.stevemcpherson.co.uk.


This wider search for understanding is reflected in a more personal manner through his journals and diaries and the exhibition at CFPR delivers a glimpse into six of McPherson’s works. From the earliest accidental beginnings through a formulation of the idea and to subsequent and parallel developments, the books on display reveal an artist whose obsessive play and practice constantly evolves and re-invents itself in a quest not to rely on rigid constructs.

In development and available to pre-order before publication is a limited edition full colour hardback, which traces a journey through his diaries journals and maps in no particular linear system. The edition is limited to 500, and each copy is signed and numbered by the artist. These are available at the special pre-publication price of £45.00.

email : info@stevemcpherson.co.uk for more information or to order your pre-publication copy.


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