Conference: Traditional and emerging formats of artists' books: Where do we go from here?

Angela Gardner : Australia
light-trap press


Angela Gardner uses her perspective as an artist, poet and publisher to look at the independent yet mutual role between artist and poet in collaborative projects. Grant funding from Arts Queensland, to produce two artist's books The Twelve Labours, with etchings by Gwenn Tasker, and The Night Ladder with linocuts by Lisa Pullen, led to added perspectives regarding the meeting point between crafts people and artists

Additionally the current and future publishing programme of small press publisher light-trap press provides examples of the relationship between text and image in a variety of differing contexts and scales through printed, digital and performative media. Publication and publishing have blurred boundaries, narrative is re-interpreted and takes on a multi-medial relationship. Angela also discussed her solo practice in which she is less likely to work in editions and instead explores the visual language of writing and the possibilities of moveable type printing.
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