Ars Poetica
Writer: Zenon Fajfer
Ars poetica has an innovative, 'emanational' structure in which initials of all the words form a hidden layer of text.
Reading initials should be repeated until the whole text is reduced to a single word. The form was first used in Fajfer
and Bazarnik's triple book Oka-leczenie . To see the text involve and evolve, watch it at the websites below.

Fajfer also coined 'liberature' to define a literary genre in which text and the material shape of the book complement
one another to form an organic whole. He insists that liberature is not an artist's book.

A kinetic poem,
Flash movie. 2004 (Polish), 2005 (English version written by Zenon Fajfer with the help of Katarzyna Bazarnik)

Polish version:
English version: