Spogladajac przez ozonowa dziure
(But Eyeing Like Ozone Whole)

Zenon Fajfer
Fajfer's bottle-book appeared in
'Liberatura', a series of the Krakow publishing house Korporacja Ha!art.
Liberature is not an artist's book, but a literary genre in which text and the material shape of the book
complement one another to form an organic whole.

The poem has an innovative 'emanational', multilayered structure in which initials of the words form a
hidden text. The procedure of reading initials should be repeated until the whole text is reduced to a
single word. To see such a text involve and evolve, watch another of Fajfer's emanational poems
“Ars poetica” at: www.techsty.art.pl/magazyn3/fajfer/Ars_poetica_english.html.

Spogladajac przez ozonowa dziure (Polish, second edition ISBN 978-83-61407-33-1)
But Eyeing Like Ozone Whole (English, ISBN : 83-89911-03-5, transl. Krzysztof Bartnicki)

Text printed on transparent foil placed in a bottle.
Published by Korporacja Ha!art, Krakow, Poland.
1st edition 2004 (Polish: 200 copies; English: 100 copies); 2nd edition 2009 (Polish: 500 copies)