Frans Baake
In 2005 Frans Baake went to the Canadian province of Québec in order to visit the former quarantine island of Grosse Ile.
Biking around on a causeway near Saint Lawrence River (French: Fleuve Saint-Laurent) he found a ranch of numbered piles.
The ones with the numbers 47 - 64 he photographed and can be found in this booklet. The French word 'Fleuve' means river
or stream, so these piles actually form a stream in the river itself. In fact they number the pages: left from the staple in the
middle is number 50, on the right 51. So you can see immediately that the booklet covers 100 pages.

Photographs printed offset, 2006
This publication was made possible with the support of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,
Design and Architecture, Amsterdam-NL, and published in an edition of 750 copies by Johan Deumens, Heemstede-NL