The Ghost in the Fog: XXV The Corrections
Barrie Tullett and Philippa Wood
The Ghost in the Fog: XXV The Corrections is the ghost of a book. It documents corrections made by the
editors, translators and contributors to
How to Address the Fog: XXV Finnish Poems 1978-2002. Published
in 2005, the original went through five sets of amendments. This book reveals those changes. Only the
corrected text, the marginal notes and the proof-readers' marks remain, forming a different kind of poetry
- one of an accidental, concrete kind.

It is a book of absences.
Brought to light by Barrie Tullett from the corrections, observations and alterations of
Ken Cockburn
and the original editors.

2 colour Litho, printed on Omnia Bible Paper, Spring 2008
The Caseroom Press
Thomas Parker House
13/14 Silver Street
+44 (0) 1522895211