God Bless This Circuity (2007)
Andrew Sallee & Tate Shaw
God Bless This Circuitry is a collaborative project between musician and composer Andrew Sallee and Tate Shaw. The result is a book with a CD
component. The CD, meant to be sychronised with the reading experience, purposefully competes with the reader's internal brain voice. Andrew's
recordings include found sounds, whirling drones, and old hymns, expanding upon Tate's story of a churchgoing father and son who only connect
through machines. A found collection of culturally significant religious tracts provide humour and illustrations throughout. The project's title, and
much of its subject matter, is inspired by an era of patriotism and religious fervor in the United States, just after the 9/11 attacks, when God
was being asked to bless everything from cigarettes to car stereos.