Een onderzoek naar presentatievormen van het kunstenaarsboek.
(A study of presentations of the artist's book)
Ton Martens
Archief Synergie in Amsterdam started an investigation of presentations of the artist's book in
May 2009 - see: Over one year they will invite several persons (artists,
curators, architects etc.) to present their ideas about this subject.

This booklet is the contribution of Ton Martens in which he offers his thoughts about this
subject in an illustrative way. The booklet itself is a part of the investigation. The original
book was inkjet printed on a Canon iPF5100 printer, and handmade, only 10 + 2 copies
were made and sold for € 290. May 2009.

To make the content more public Canon Europe nv sponsored a second series of 200
copies produced on a Canon iRC 3080/i machine. These are free!
Interested in a Canon iRC 3080/i copy?

Please send an self-addressed envelope [size A5] plus stamps to:
Ton Martens; Zwarteweg 76 A; 2511 VV Den Haag; The Netherlands.