New Mexico - Catalino's letters
Stephan Köhler & Clemens-Tobias Lange
B&W photos by
Stephan Köhler, first printed on handmade Japanese paper, by Clemens-Tobias Lange, then reproduced
for this edition. Each of the two volumes begins with excerpts from letters by the farmer Catalino. Volume one tells of the
hardships of farm and the devastating effects of a hurricane.

The images show daily life on the fields and in the small town Tekit.

Volume two concerns the days of fiesta, the waiting for it in the letters and the mix of cultural identification in the
photographs of processions, dance and bullfight.

2 volumes in slipcase, 8x22cm.
Colour laserprint on 90gm paper in black photocard board, printed with letterpress.
Edition of 650 copies. Hamburg, 2009