The Secrets of Metahemeralism by Anon - video

Collaborators brought their typewriters, paper, inks, pens, pencils and cameras for the evening. Food and drinks from the book were served throughout the night by our hosts, including dangerous looking mushrooms, wonderful bakes, fine wines, an array of meats, frozen cheesecake, Bloody Marys and even food from Bunny's funeral at the Corcoran's house.

The video is a selection of images from the initial walk in the words and of the book in production over the evening in Oxford.

Running time: 4.14 mins

Contributors to the video were:
Helen Barr, Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Simon Butler, Nancy Campbell, Jenny Gal-Or, Hazel Grainger, Anna Lucas, Kirsten Norrie and Simon Smith.

The typists: Sarah Bodman and Jesse Heckstall-Smith;
the whistlers (in the style of Bunny):
Philip Bowden, Paul Laidler and David Sully.