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Artists’ Books exhibitions on campus April – September 2014

Artists' Books exhibitions

Due to building work extending the library at Bower Ashton, we have moved the exhibitions temporarily to room OC4 on campus. The books will be on display in our room for visitors, between 10am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday. If you are travelling a long distance to see the exhibitions please check before you leave. You can call Sarah on 0117 3284915, or email: for info.

We have artists' books by Les Bicknell (image shown here) on display from Monday 7th April – Sunday 1st June 2014, the Artists' Books Club Summer Show from Monday 2nd June – Weds 30th July, and a touring exhibition of Fluxus Books to accompany Jeff Rathermel's Fluxus Masterclass here, on show from Friday 1st August – Tuesday 30th September.

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World Book Night 2014

We (the Bristol crew and Nancy Campbell) will be doing our annual World Book Night collaboration on 23/04/14. This year’s open call for participation is asking for contributors to send us some text to print on the night.

To get an idea of our previous World Book Night events with artists and writers, see:

Our collaborative book and video Some Small, Good Things made for last year’s WBN, are currently on show in ‘Fluxjob,’ curated by Jeff Rathermel and Keith Buchholz. Star Tribune Foundation Gallery, MCBA, Minneapolis, 07/02/14 – 06/07/14.

If you would like to be involved, please buy or borrow a copy of Charles Bukowski’s Post Office, and get reading now. Once you have finished the book, please sum it up in three words and email them to Sarah before midnight (GMT) on Monday 14th April 2014. You will receive a copy of whatever it is we end up making on the night!
Any questions, email

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The Blue Notebook journal for artists' books Vol 8 No 2

The Blue Notebook

In the April 2014 issue, essays and reviews by: Alison Gibbons: Tension, Style, and the Modern Psyche, A Stylistic Analysis of Philip Zimmermann's 'High Tension'; Jeremy Dixon: Aliens, Sunset, and Radioactivity: visiting three artists' books in Philadelphia; Ciara Healy: And the night was kind. 'Ruskin's Ponds' book works by John Woodman; Pete Kennedy: Lucy Lippard's Activism and Artists' Books Activate Me; John McDowall: Some artists' books and literature; Mat Osmond: The Mingled Measure, Interpreting and Adapting S. T. Coleridge's 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.

Artists' pages by: Mat Birchall (UK), Kate Bufton (UK), Amir Brito Cador (Brazil) Jesse England (USA) and Sara MacKillop (UK). Cover design: Tom Sowden

Essays and reviews in Vol 8 No 1: One Hundred Years and On: 100% Books by Canberra Artists; Letterpress on the Underground; some undisclosed points of remove; I Appropriate, Therefore I Am; S.M.S. Shit Must Stop; Open Books: Sixteen artists and the Chinese folding-book. Artists' pages by: Rodrigo Arteaga (Chile), Sophie Artemis Pitt - (UK), Helena de la Guardia (Spain), Claudia de la Torre (Germany) and Laura Russell (USA), Guy Bigland (UK) designed a brilliant textwork cover, badge and sticker for Vol 8 No 1.

Subscribe to both issues in Volume 8 today! £10 GBP including UK or international postage, for No 1 and 2.  Current issues and back issues are available to order at or, order directly from the online store.

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'Rukssian' Artists' Books Exhibition

Rukssian' Artists Books exhibitions

State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, Moscow
13th March - 18th May 2014
Organised by the independent International Association of book artists Kniga Khudozhnika, Moscow. Curated by Sarah Bodman, Viktor Lukin, Mikhail Pogarsky and Vasily Vlasov, this is the first show in a touring exhibition of artists’ books by more than 60 artists from the UK and Russia united through the international community of the book.

British artists: Alice Potter, Andy Parsons and Glenn Holman, Angie Butler, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Barrie Tullett, Caseroom Press/Scottish Poetry Library, Charlotte Hall, Christopher Robinson, Craig Atkinson, Duncan Bullen and Jamie Crofts, Elizabeth Willow & David Armes, Guy Begbie, Hazel Grainger, Helen Douglas and Thomas Evans, Iain Biggs and Josh Biggs, Jackie Batey, Jeremy Dixon, Joan Ainley, John Bently, John McDowall, J P Willis, Julie Johnstone, Les Bicknell, Liz Jackson, Nancy Campbell, Otto, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Philippa Wood and Tamar MacLellan, Sarah Bodman, seekers of lice, Simon Goode, Simon Le Ruez, Sophie Loss, Stephen Fowler, Susan Johanknecht, Theresa Easton, Tom Sowden. The image here is of Otto's artist's book 'Dance'.

You can watch a short video of the exhibition on Russian TV:

The exhibition will tour to other venues before its final show in Bristol in December 2014.

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9th International Book Art Festival Correspondence
Kielce Institute of Design, Kielce, Poland, until 11th May 2014

9th International Book Art Festival Correspondence

Presenting works of 90 artists from Europe, USA and Asia. British artists in the exhibition include: Guy Begbie, John Bently, Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Stephen Fowler, Simon Goode, Hazel Grainger, Charlotte Hall, Jane Hyslop, Susan Johanknecht, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Otto, Tom Sowden, Maria White. The touring exhibition is currently at Kielce Institute of Design, Kielce, Poland, until 11th May 2014. The image here is Herbarium by Jane Hyslop.

The 9th International Book Art Festival, Correspondence, launched in January 2012, and has been touring Poland for two years at Plocka Galeria, Plock; Galeria Miejska, Tarnow; Ksiaznica Pomorska, Szczecin; Biblioteka Miejska, Lublin; Galeria Dwor Karwacjanow, Gorlice; Szklany Dom, Centrum Edukacyjne, Ciekoty, Dworek Zeromskiego w planach Kielce; Biblioteka Slaska, Katowice; Contemporary Art Gallery Falcon, Nowy Sącz; The Jozef Pilsudski Regional and Municipal Public Library, Lodz; Biblioteka Miejska im.Jana, Inowroclaw; Art Gallery BWA, Sandomierz; Kielce Institute of Design, Kielce.

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Artist's Book Yearbook 2014-2015 - Available now!

Artist's Book Yearbook 2014-2015

The ABYB is a biennial reference publication focusing on international activity in the field of book arts. It serves as a resource for artists, academics, students, collectors, librarians, dealers, publishers and researchers, in fact anyone interested in artists' books!

The 2014-2015 issue has essays, interviews, contributions and features on / by: Field Study, Abigail Thomas, Reinhard Grüner, Barbara Tetenbaum, Tanya Peixoto, John Bently, David Jury, Women's Studio Workshop, Hansjorg Mayer, Gustavo Grandal Montero, Eleanor Brown, Linda Newington, Angie Butler, Nathalia King, Barrie Tullett, Craig Atkinson, David Paton, Pete Kennedy, and more...

Artists' pages / interventions by: Sara Elgerot, Stevie Ronnie, Stephen Spurrier, Elizabeth Tonnard, Sylvia Waltering, Michael Weller, Elizabeth Willow and Philippa Wood. Cover design by Tom Sowden.

Reference listings include: collections, libraries, archives, bookshops, galleries, centres, design print & bind, publishers, dealers, presses, studios, competitions, fairs, festivals and exhibitions, journals, reference books, organisations, societies, projects, touring programmes and courses. 207 national and international artists have also listed their recent book works.

Published by Impact Press, UWE Bristol, Sept 2013, ISBN 978-1-906501-07-5 £15 (UK) or £16 (International)

Available to order from our publications page

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An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street online gallery

Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition

This online gallery was launched to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street on 5th March 2012, for which project partners around the world held commemorative readings and events.

The project is currently touring internationally until 2016. The artists' books detailed in the gallery pages show images and information for each of the 250 books completed for the project.

Artists' books created for the project are currently on show at: The Institute Library, New Haven; University Of Southern Maine, and The American University in Cairo. Upcoming exhibitions include: Bibliotheek Den Haag/The Hague Public Library, The Netherlands; Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada; Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County - Rochester, New York.

The image here is from Al-Mutanabbi, Once Again, by Wuon-Gean Ho, London, UK, in collaboration with South African poet Ingrid Scheider, and Italian letterpress artist Umberto Giovannini.

Artists' books created for the project are currently on show at: The Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon; Arab - British Centre, London; The Mosaic Rooms, London; The Institute Library, New Haven; University Of Southern Maine, and The American University in Cairo. The image here is from Trace by Lindsay McCulloch, USA.

For a complete list of exhibitions in the tour to date: exhibitions.html

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