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Arcadia id est

Accompanying the ‘Arcadia id est: artists’ books, nature and the landscape’ touring exhibition 2005-2007

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Books by Artists

A Tale of Two Cities

Accompanying the two venue exhibition of artists’ books by 20 artists based in New York and Bristol in 2001

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Books by Artists

Books by Artists

A survey exhibition catalogue of British artists’ books (111 artists) September 1999

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Artists’ Books Creative Production and Marketing Guides


Creative Production and Marketing Guide Download

Sarah Bodman
3rd Edition, 2010
ISBN 978-1-906501-05-1

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2007 Edition

Sarah Bodman
2rd Edition, 2007
(ISBN 10) 0-9547025-7-3
(ISBN 13) 978-0-9547025-7-1

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2005 Edition

Sarah Bodman
1st Edition, 2005
(ISBN 10) 0-9547025-1-4
(ISBN 13) 978-0-9547025-1-9

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3rd Edition 2010


A guide for the book artist – in their role of producer, publisher and distributor of their own artwork, to discuss some of the practical issues arising from this. There is a more direct link between the artist and the buyer in the field of artists’ books than any other art discipline. Many book artists are unsure of the market potential of their work and this is particularly difficult when they are directly responsible for sales.

We have interviewed artists about producing and distributing their work, and the importance of artist’s book fairs and events for building relationships with purchasers and other artists. This ranges from established to fledgling artists, curators, collectors (both institutional and private) bookshop and gallery owners, dealers, lecturers and instructors.

A series of 24 case studies explores artists’ experiences of making and marketing their books in the UK, France, Germany, EIRE, Spain, Denmark, Japan, Argentina, Australia and the USA, and can be used as reference for newer artists and students wanting to find out more about producing and marketing their artists’ books. We selected a range of artists with 2 – 30+ years experience of making and marketing artists’ books, zines, multiples and unique books and asked them to share their working practice and experience of book fairs, interaction with purchasers, discuss any problems and offer advice.

We also asked private and institutional collectors to tell us about the ways in which they would prefer to interact with artists selling their books and any issues arising from their own collecting. Whilst travelling, we interviewed Max Schumann (Printed Matter), Cathy Chambers and Heather Cleary (Otis College of Art and Design Library) for some in depth accounts of selling, purchasing and collecting artists’ books. Maria White (Tate Britain), Kristen Merola and Tate Shaw (Preacher’s Biscuit Books), Ma Batalla (La Rara), Barrie Tullett and Philippa Wood (The Caseroom Press) also kindly participated for case studies of collectors, dealers and publishers.

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What’s in the Box?

A project for the Centre for Fine Print Research, published as a collection of artists’ books curated and edited by Tom Sowden. Supported and sponsored by: CFPR, UWE School of the Creative Arts and Hewlett Packard.

The project produced five boxed volumes of books by 50 artists across many different themes and styles.

What's in the Box?

Creating Artists’ Books (published by A&C Black/Watson Guptill)

Many artists from different areas make artists’ books, both to feature their own work and as an artform in itself. This is a practical guide for visual artists who are interested in producing their work in the artist’s book format. It examines the history, methods and practicalities involved in making an artist’s book, using many examples of the work of contemporary artists as illustration.

This book will be a valuable source of reference for any artist considering making work in the artists’ book format or anyone wanting to discover more about this vibrant artform.

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Creating Artist's Books - Sarah Bodman