Why Say It Again?
Why Say It Again?
Sarah Bodman
I had read recently of the historical case of a woman who had practiced her delivery of Strychnine on many friends and
family before getting it 'right'. Her poison of choice, a bitter substance, was masked through strong or overly sweet drinks
and foods, with meticulous note-taking of her attempts to formulate the correct amounts. I wonder how she would have
administered her poison today? The appointments made, she would perhaps have been successful first time, or would
need to ask for another meeting.

Each page has been screenprinted with a clear water-based varnish, the stencils made from dipping glasses and cups
into ink to make a mark, just as you would if you put a glass or cup onto a table. The marks, like the poison are barely
discernible. The handwritten, colour appointments are in watercolour pencil, once the job is done, she can wipe the
colourful notes away, leaving only her first 'date' in pencil.

14 x 14 cm. Bound in charcoal grey bookcloth with hand-tooled title and ribbon ties
by Rachel James of Bristol Bound Bookbinders. 
Edition of 20
September 2013