Angie Butler, Natalie McGrorty and Invited Contributors, UK
Offering 2012
Angie Butler, Natalie McGrorty and Invited Contributors, UK

Angie Butler, Natalie McGrorty and Invited Contributors, UK     Angie Butler, Natalie McGrorty and Invited Contributors, UK

Twenty six people from the USA and the UK were asked to make personal contributions to this artist's book, organised by Angie Butler and Natalie McGrorty. Each artist involved in the collaboration was supplied with the name of an individual who was killed in the 2007 car bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad, to whom their work would be dedicated.

These names were provided by an Iraqi refugee, Mousa Al-Naseri, who was working at the time of the bombing as a sales representative for a large stationery company in Baghdad. Mousa walked Al-Mutanabbi Street several times a week taking orders from bookstores and stationery shops. He came to know many of those on this list personally. His brother, who still has a stationery shop on Al-Mutanabbi Street, also helped to compile the list. The majority of those killed were married, with children. Others who were killed and wounded but not on the list, were most likely to have been there, picking up a book.

Our thanks to all who took part: Andrew Zarou, Angela Callanan, Annabelle Barton, Barrie Tullett, Beth Newell, Charlotte Hall, Coo Geller, David Moscovich, Elizabeth Willow, Hazel Grainger, Ingrid Hill, Jennifer Ehman, Jordan Schachter, Kathy Bennett, Kit Krash, Lucy Fox, Maggie Rosenfeld, Nicoh Troup, Peggy Lubman, Petra Hanson, Philippa Wood, Ryan Ewers, Sarah Barnes, Shandoah Goldman, Stephen Fowler, Sue Leopard.

Angie Butler is an artist who works predominantly within Book Arts and Letterpress. Awarded two prizes for her recent Artists' Books: the Sheffield Book Arts Prize (Student Prize) 2009, and the Agassi Book Arts Prize, UWE, 2011. Angie holds two Masters Degrees: Visual Culture: Fine Art and Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking, specialising in Artists Books. She has enjoyed working at various Institutions across the UK, Europe, US, and S.E. Asia, as both Visiting Artist and Lecturer for the past ten years. Her work is held in UK, and International Private and Public Collections - she works under the name Pet Galerie Press. This is her first collaborative book produced with Natalie McGrorty - she thinks things went rather well, and would like to do another.

Natalie McGrorty is a British artist whose practice spans a variety of disciplines and includes making artists' books. Her work typically involves intricate mark making and processes such as paper cutting, printmaking and stitch. Offering was conceived whilst Natalie was living in New York and Angie in England, so they decided on a digital format for their collaboration. Natalie's work is held in collections both in the UK and the USA.