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Cally Trench, UK
I fear the Twig Ogre and I love balloons
Cally Trench,

Cally Trench, UK

This bookmark, I fear the Twig Ogre and I love balloons, was inspired by the way that reading creates strong emotions and takes us to other places. Every bookmark in the edition of 100 is slightly different as a result of the techniques used. The expression on the balloon's face, for example, varies because it was drawn by hand.

Cally Trench is an artist whose practice includes map-like drawings, board games, timelapse films and books. She has an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London. She has shown her books with the collective AM Bruno at a number of artists' book fairs. A copy of her Remarkable Bookshelf was bought by the Tate, and Blue Homegrown (co-authored with Philip Lee) was bought by the V&A.