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David Axtell, UK
100 Destinations
David Axtell, UK
A collection of one hundred oil-painted balsa wood panels. Together measuring in all 76 x 150 cm approx (Four columns and twenty five rows).

The ensemble image(s) make up a paperback novel portrait -
'Destination Unknown' by Agatha Christie. One of the early 60's Fontana covers
that I picked up from one of the second handbook stalls along the South Bank in London.

I was not only attracted to the cover by its simple Pop Art era design but I also appreciated the dual aspect of it's 'used' appearance. The
well-creased cover and smudges told you that it had experienced a life beyond the bookshelf and the aroma from the pages... reminded me
of the many Agatha Christie books that I'd read and accumulated while still at school. Those memories have become a bookmark for me.

Each corresponding bookmark possesses an individual identity distinct from one another (belonging as they do to the aptly titled
'Destination Unknown') but they also remain an integral part of a collective group.

The completed bookmarks XI version can be viewed on my website