Artist's Book Yearbook: 2008-2009

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In the 2008-2009 issue of the Artist’s Book Yearbook, we have new writers’ contributions from the UK, Mexico, France and the USA, and artists’ pages by contributors from the UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Chile and the USA


Colin Sackett, Martha Hellion, Heather Hunter, Luci Gorell Barnes, John Bently,Richard Price, Stephen Bury, Gabriel Gbadamosi, David Ferry, Kristin Miller, Neil Cameron, Spy Emerson, Sally Alatalo, John McDowall, Meeloo Gfeller and Anna Hellsgård, Tanya Peixoto's bookart bookshop biennial update, and a report on the First CODEX Foundation's Symposium and Book Fair in Berkeley, USA.

Artists' pages by

Paul Laidler, Hilary Judd, Louise Best, Mike Nicholson, Tortie, Sumi Perera, Gray Fraser, Ivonne Murillo, Andrés Gatti, Earle D. Swope and Ahlrich van Ohlen.

Information and listings sections of: book artists, organisations, collections, book fairs, centres, bookshops, fairs, events, bookbinders, typeset and design services, print studios, courses and more…


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Artists' Book Yearbook 2008 - 2009 Artists' Book Yearbook 2008 - 2009