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World Book Night 2014: Post Office

We (the WBN United Artists) produced our annual World Book Night collaboration on 23/04/14. Our tribute this year was to Charles Bukowski, we asked readers to sum up how they felt about his novel ‘Post Office’ in three words for us to produce an artist’s book on the night. Contributors posted, emailed and tweeted their 3 words in April.

The letterpress printed book was produced during the evening, alongside consuming food (and mostly) drink from the novel with music by Si Butler and Simon Smith.

The letter writers: Anonymous, Sarah Bodman, Kevin Boniface, Angie Butler, Si Butler, Nancy Campbell, Lilla Duignan, Sara Elgerot/Rare Autumn, Hazel Grainger, Lucy Guenot, Charlotte Hall, Cath Ingram, Elaine Knight, Emily Lucas, Natalie McGrorty, Bernd W Plake, Rachel Pursglove, Jean Rowe, Monika Rycerz, Ben Scragg, Simon Smith, Tom Sowden, Elisabeth Tonnard, Huw Turnbull, Stephanie Turnbull, Ahlrich van Ohlen, Corinne Welch.

The sorters: Typesetting by Angie Butler, Hazel Grainger, Lucy Guenot.

The stampers: Music written and performed by Si Butler and Simon Smith.

Delivered to you by: Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Si Butler, Nancy Campbell, Lilla Duignan, Hazel Grainger, Lucy Guenot, Natalie McGrorty, Simon Smith.

Postmarked: World Book Night 23/04/2014

Watch our video – Post Office – for World Book Night 2014 here.

You can read Kevin Boniface’s brilliant blog for World Book Night at: here.