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Artists’ Books Exhibitions at Bower Ashton Library
School of Creative Arts, Department of Art and Design
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Artists’ Publishing Part I
1st May – 14th June 2009

A selection of books which will form part of the larger New Wave exhibition of artists’ publishing later this year (at Impact Printmaking Conference in September).

These books have been chosen to demonstrate some of the areas of interest in our AHRC supported research project see

We are not concerned with categorising books by format, these publications are concerned with content; a small mirror of the world, books that are political, observational, reflective, humorous, calls to action, treatises, books that talk to each other, books that question our relationship with both the word and the world.


view a gallery of the books in part 1

The books featured in part 1 are:

Halliburton Code of Ethics, Earle D Swope, Shock and Awe Press, 2006
The Patriot Act: Everybody is Suspicious, Martina Groß & Hanns-Christoph Koch (Bracketpress), 2006
Into the Red Zone, Words of Mass Distraction (1), Michael Ryan, 2004
Smoking Guns and Desert Rats, Words of Mass Distraction (2), Michael Ryan, 2004
Decline and Fall Foundry 013(b), Francis Elliott and Cas Serafin, 2003
The High Window, Emily Artinian, 2005 (
Pivot, Helen Douglas / Thomas Evans, Weproductions, 2003
Illiers Combray, Helen Douglas and Zoë Irvine (weproductions), 2004
The Villages, Angie Waller, 2004
Homes of Tycoons, Angie Waller, 2008
Data Mining the Amazon, Angie Waller, 2003
La Forme-Valeur / The Value Form, Sharon Kivland, DOMOBAAL, 2006
Lubb Dup, Ann Tyler, Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 1998
Karen Magazine, Issue 4, Karen Lubbock, 2009
Manifestozine, Liver & Lights No 38, John Bently & Afterabbit 2007
NewLights Press Manifesto, Aaron Cohick et al, Newlights Press, 2009
This is a Paper Trinket for You to Wear, David Shrigley, Bywater Bros. Editions, Canada, 2006
Nondescription of the World XVII, Rados&#322aw Nowakowski, 2006
With my Right Hand, Les Coleman, White Lies Publications, 1982
With my Left Hand, Erica van Horn, Coracle, 2006
Camouflage Vols I – XIII, Shigeru Matsui (12 volumes February 29, 2008 – January 29, 2009)
Make, Katherine Johnson, 2008
Unforeseen Alliances, Anita M-28 (Sally Alatalo), A Sara Ranchouse Romance, 2001
Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love, Karen Reimer writing as Eve Rhymer, Sara Ranchouse Publishing, 1996
Decimals of feelings, seekers of lice, 2008
quandaries, seekers of lice, 2008
Nuit und Niebla, Andrew Blackley, yellowyeller, 2008

These are just a few examples of the books that we will also show and archive online later this year. The reason we are showing some of them now, is that we want to remind you that our survey is running online alongside the ABTREE diagram and we want your opinions please!

The survey is open until the end of July, and we would appreciate your views; there are forms for Academics/Instructors, Book Artists, Collectors/Curators (private and institutional), Dealers, Presses/Publishers and Students online.

The ABTREE diagram is also on the same page and is downloadable as a PDF file. You can make your alterations to the ABTREE diagram physically or electronically, sign it (if you want) and email or post it back to us before the end of June, we will include it in the exhibition wall for our conference in July and for the Impact conference in September.

We have had some great diagrams back already – some agree, some disagree, some have added, deleted, rearranged or just started again. It is really up to you to make it reflect your view of what can and cannot be an artist’s book. Many thanks to those of you who have already participated.

Links to : reports, the online discussion forum on Artist Books 3.0 and more information on the project.

We hope to hear from you soon!
Sarah Bodman / Tom Sowden