Book Arts

The Artist in the Library
A symposium hosted by: Library and Learning Services,
University of East London

Docklands Campus, London
13:00 – 17:00 Friday 3rd June, 2011


Judith Preece/Cathy

The Artist in the Library project
Clare Qualmann, UEL

Artists and librarians: making art in and out
of books

Sarah Bodman, University
of the West of England

The Quiet Volume

Ant Hampton

Be careful with that – what librarians think
about artists in the library

Katharina Hübschmann,
Wiener Library

A Walk From A-Z. Exploring Lancaster Library

Jennie Savage

The Artist in the Library at The New Art Gallery Walsall

Cheryl Jones, The New
Art Gallery, Walsall

The Library of Secrets
Serena Korda

You can download:
Sarah’s talk as a PDF file of the Powerpoint presentation
Download the PDF handout of links from Sarah’s talk.