Book Arts

Yen-Hua Lee bookworks

Artists’ Books Exhibition, Bower Ashton Library cases, UWE, Bristol, UK
Wednesday 1st July – Thursday 27th August 2015

Yen-Hua Lee paints on books she has collected and in that way establishes a connection with the content of the book. At the same time, she also uses the pages to engage in a dialogue with long dead writers. Lee adopts a collage-type approach with different sized materials, arranging memories of time shared by her own work and the writings of different authors which allow viewers to explore the content of that dialogue from different chronologies.

Jeremy Dixon Jeremy Dixon

Yen-Hua Lee relies on books and book pages to describe human memory and time. She has already worked on this book-art project for ten years. To her, each page represents a layer of memory related to a specific life stage of humans. Throughout time, there are so many stories created for each layer of memory on each page. On one hand, when people open a book and read each page, all the memories resurface in their mind. On the other and, when people move onto the next page, the previous page will be covered, meaning that a newer layer of memory is created and added to the previous one. For Yen-Hua Lee, book pages are meaningful items that show humans’ perception of time and accumulated memories throughout their life.    

Jeremy Dixon Jeremy Dixon Jeremy Dixon Jeremy Dixon