Book Arts

Artist’s Book Exhibition for IMPACT Printmaking Conference, Santander, Spain

Encounters with Books / Encuentro con Libros

Biblioteca Central Cantabria, Santander, August – September 2018

Encounters with Books / Encuentro con Libros invited 36 artists and writers from the following countries to participate in this collaborative book and exhibition: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

Contributors sent their own encounters with books to share with visitors to the exhibition at the Biblioteca Central Cantabria in Santander, organised by IMPACT 10. The aim of the exhibition and publication is to introduce conversations and ideas about artists’ books and books in general to the library’s visitors and conference attendees.

Participating artists & writers:
Amir Brito Cador (Brazil)
Angie Butler (UK)
Antonio Freiles (Sicily)
Caren Florance (Australia)
Chrystal Cherniwchan (UK)
Daniel Lehan (UK)
David Dellafiora (Australia)
Elisabeth Tonnard (The Netherlands)
Eric Watier (France)
Fernanda Eschberger (Brazil)
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison (Australia)
Guy Bigland (UK)
Imi Maufe (Norway)
Izet Sheshivari (Switzerland)
Jayne Marshall (Spain)
Jeremy Dixon (UK)
Joachim Schmid (Germany)
John Bently (UK)
John McDowall (UK)
Julia Borissova (Russia)
Katarzyna Bazarnik & Zenon Fajfer (Poland)
Kurt Johannessen (Norway)
Lina Nordenström (Sweden)
Marian Crawford (Australia)
Martha Hellion (Mexico)
Newlights Press (USA)
Pineapple Falls (UK)
Sara Elgerot (Sweden)
Sarah Bodman (UK)
Stephen Fowler (UK)
Susan Johanknecht & Katharine Meynell (UK)
Tim Mosely (Australia)
Tom Sowden (UK)

In this book you will find ideas and responses to ‘encounters’ through: the act of reading, the relationship between the book and the viewer/reader, the actions of characters within books, or something from an artist’s favourite book. There are also homages to artists’ books, collections of books, making books, literature, and factual publications.

Impact Press at the Centre for Fine Print Research has published Encounters with Books / Encuentro con Libros in a limited edition of 500 as a free artwork for visitors to take away.

For those unable to visit the exhibition, you can download a free version here.

On Friday 7th September, Sarah Bodman (UK) and Jayne Marshall (Spain) performed a reading of Encounters with Books / Encuentro con Libros in Spanish and English at 9pm in the Plaza de Cañadío, Santander as an emanation for David Dellafiora’s Field Report 2018 (Journal of Field Study International, 24th report) which will be published in 2019. For more information about IMPACT 10 ENCUENTRO Conference 2018 and all associated events, visit the IMPACT 10 website.