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Artists’ Books Exhibitions in the Bower Ashton Library cases, UWE, Bristol, UK

FRANKENSTEIN 2018 Curated by Simon Ryder, Liverpool Book Art

Friday 1st February – Thurs 28th February 2019

This major exhibition of book art marks 200 years since the first edition of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus’ was published. This is the last venue in the exhibition’s tour which launched in summer 2018.

Frankenstein is a classic work for a variety of reasons. Not only is it arguably the very first work of science fiction, but it is also a core text of Gothic literature (Dracula wasn’t published until nearly 80 years later!). Its themes of ambition and hubris, ethics and morality, responsibility for the consequence of one’s actions, free will and empathy have been important since the book was first published. Today, they appear hugely relevant, whether considering genetic manipulation and synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, or Silicon Valley’s ‘disruptive technologies’.

Book artists from around the world have responded with a hugely creative range of ideas. Some have been stimulated by the themes in the book; others have been inspired by the way the story is told; others have made links between Frankenstein and other classic stories such as Dracula and The Golem.

Works by some 50 individual artists and three collectives have been created for the exhibition, with an enormous variety of approaches, materials and techniques. Some of the works have been made in small editions; some are unique works. Many of them are available to buy.

Simon Ryder and Liverpool Book Art wish to thank all the exhibiting artists for their generosity, creativity and craftsmanship in making this LBA’s best exhibition to date.

The exhibition opened at Liverpool Central Library in May 2018 and ran until 9th August. The launch event was a great success, with several of the exhibiting artists in attendance. Internationally-renowned horror author Ramsey Campbell also attended. The exhibition moved to Knowsley’s Kirkby Gallery from 17th September until 26th January 2019. New works were selected to join the exhibition there. The new works utilised the very different exhibition space at the Kirkby Gallery, including wall-mounted works and installations. The Private View was extremely well attended, and made into a special delight by Chloe Spicer and her edible Frankenstein books!

The exhibition has attracted enthusiastic feedback from visitors and reviewers. See a review by Art in Liverpool.

Bower Ashton Library at UWE is the last venue for this touring exhibition, so it is the last chance to see (and buy!) before works are returned to the artists. The exhibition includes work by 4 graduates/students of UWE’s MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking.

Participating Artists at UWE:
Kate Bernstein, Clare Boothby, Mike Clements, Guylaine Couture, Michelle Holland, Ben Jenner, Barbara Jones, Chris Kent, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Daniel Lehan, Deborah Mason, Amanda McAllister, Sue McLaren, Savannah Melberg, Keith Osborn, Linda Parr, Christine Pereira-Adams, Daniela Pergreffi, Joanna Robson, Lucy Roscoe, Helen Scalway, Erin K. Schmidt, Caroline Scott-Huby, Yulia Sharova, Tim Shore, Amy Sterly, Carolyn Thompson, Marilyn Tippett, Dawn Walters & Hazel Roberts, Corinne Welch, Liz Whiteman Smith, Wendy Williams, Lynette Willoughby & Clare Wigzell.

There will be a ‘Show & Tell’ talk event at Bower Ashton library by Simon Ryder and some of the exhibiting artists on Saturday 2nd February 11.00-12.30.

For more information about Liverpool Book Art, see their Facebook page.

UWE Bristol, City Campus at Bower Ashton, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol BS3 2JT.

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