Book Arts

Set to have a static front page. “Home“.
Started this “Log” page to record what I do.
Set permalinks to “Post (or page) Name”. Seems good for a page-based (non chronological) website.

Changing the site
Permalinks are not designed to be changed – doing so will is likely to break your links.
Likewise, changing Theme will lose any Theme-specific modifications you have made. Make sure you add Actions, Filters, Plugins etc in a way that is NOT theme-specific wherever possible.

Is there a WYSIWYG editor for pages? Yes, TinyMCe is the page editor. While in page editor, click the “toobar toggle” icon to show the second row of icons. ( eg Text Colour ).

Deleted the “Hello Dolly” plugin.
Downloaded and Activated the “Revision Control” plugin from to enable me to limit the number of revisions of a page/post which are kept. Set to save current and two previous revisions. Get to it via “Settings->Revisions”.
Downloaded and activated the “simple-image-widget” as a way to add images.

Modifying a Theme.
Do not modify a Themes files. You may lose your changes.
Create a “Child Theme” of your current theme instead. You can add functions, templates etc to your child theme. If a child-theme file has the same name as a file in the parent Theme, the parent Theme file will be overridden, with the exception of functions.php. Functions.php is preserved and both will be accessible. See:

I have created  a Child Theme of the default “Twenty Sixteen” Theme. It is called Twenty Sixteen_Child.  It has:
style.css file ( mandatory )
rtl.css ( recommended, even if blank and parent theme does not have rtl.css. Ref: ‘Child-Themes’ link above )
functions.php  (mandatory, if only to enqueue the parent/child style sheets ).
screenshot.png – Appears in the Appearance->Theme page.