Conference: Traditional and emerging formats of artists' books: Where do we go from here?

Andi McGarry : Ireland

Artists' Publications

The themes for my latest artists publications in film follow on from my artists' publications in book form. Visualise an inky figure running through a landscape. On paper or in a movie. Exploit the differences…

Often I record a sound track or as I like to think-an audio narrative. The movie camera encourages new and quick forms of landscape appreciation, combining well with the music. Results so far - encouraging. Developments include - Documentary films, and films of the book. The "publication" part remains the same in many respects, still conceived produced and marketed from/at source

Ditto - my films - available for free via YouTube. The “cheap-multiple” has returned.

Artists' Publications/movies hold distinct advantages - making something straight off the press and sharing with a “ready-made” audience. Artists have at their disposal some of the greatest tools of mass expression ever created since the printing press arrived...Exciting times.

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