Conference: Traditional and emerging formats of artists' books: Where do we go from here?

Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer : Poland


Liberature: Literature In The Form Of The Book
The talk traced the development of liberature (from Latin liber, i.e. 'book'), a literary genre that integrates text and its material foundation into a meaningful whole. But it is the writer who intentionally shapes the form of the book to suit the text. The spur to propose
liberature as a genre different from artists' books and concrete poetry came from a self-reflection on form, space, as well as the book and text as literary media, when we were working on our triple-volume book.

Creative work and scholarly research was followed by practical activities: we founded the
Liberature Reading Room and launched a publishing line in collaboration with Krakow publishing house Ha!art. The talk was accompanied by a presentation of Fajfer's kinetic (electronic) poem “Primum Mobile”, the closing section of his new volume of poetry that problematises, inter alia, the relation between printed and virtual texts.

Katarzyna Bazarnik - Department of English, Jagiellonian University
& Liberature Reading Room, Malopolski Instytut Kultury, Krakow, Poland

Zenon Fajfer - writer, playwright, artist
Liberature line editor in Ha!art Publishing House, Krakow, Poland

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