Book Arts

No Dutch Details
Tom Sowden and Sarah Bodman, January 2011
Sarah and Tom were working at AKI /ArtEZ in The Netherlands in January 2011, running workshops and showing the exhibition Drawing with Fire: a pop-up show of laser cut works by book and paper artists curated by Tom. As Tom is organising the
Follow-Ed (after Hokusai) touring exhibition with Michalis Pichler, Sarah and Tom decided to make a video tribute to Ed Ruscha‘s Dutch Details whilst travelling (Ed Ruscha, Dutch Details Deventer, The Netherlands: Stichting Octopus / Sonsbeek 71, 1971).

Tom Sowden and Sarah Bodman produced No Dutch Details on an intercity train from Amsterdam Schiphol to Enschede, The Netherlands (which stopped at Deventer) between 19.47 and 20.00 on Sunday 16th January 2011. The film recreated the zoom-in image format of Ruscha’s Dutch Details, as a chronological tribute to of all his books published between 1963 and 1978, but using only props found or created in miniature that could be photographed on the train. The film, of course fails to produce a faithful reproduction of any of Ruscha’s books, as the end titles below indicate.

2.6 Gasoline Stations; Various small fires and a carton and glass of milk; A building that could be a Los Angeles apartment block; Every building we could find, but not on the Sunset Strip; 3 or 4 parking lots in Los Angeles; Royal (plastic) Road Test; No Business Cards; 2 Swimming Pools and a broken glass (of milk); Some stains: tea, coffee, blood and tears; Crackers; Babycakes without weights; Real Estate Opportunities from the Internet; A Few Palm Trees; Records; Colored People and chewing gum; A bit of Hard Light.

Thanks to Research and Development assistant:
Natalie McGrorty. Thanks also to Helen Allsebrook for supplying
some beautiful items we needed from her old doll’s house, and to
Carinna and Grace Parraman for the campfire.