Marilyn R Rosenberg


Asemic poetry is like improvised jazz scat singing. Asemic poems, one form of visual poetry (sometimes called abstract art), that can be read in all directions, are reminders of any/many languages, with marks that look like merging forms of calligraphy or printed poetry, mixed within early glyphs, an unfamiliar language. Meaning, with hints given by the context of the text, is open to individual interpretation. Sometimes the marks become images that can seem like landscapes and/or seascapes, filling positive and negative space. As marks merge, touch, Asemic prose happens - visual language is often disregarding the norm.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg is working, alone and with collaborators, on Asemic and visual poems, editioned artists’ books and sculptural unique book works. Many are published in print and on the web, in zines, anthologies, blogs and exhibition catalogues. She works in traditional drawing mediums mixed with images she creates on the computer.

See works on the web and in many college, university and museum collections and libraries.