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How do you read yours? Book Arts Newsletter Gallery

When we switched to online colour PDF downloads from black and white copy and mail issues of the Book Arts Newsletter in summer 2010, some readers emailed to say they missed receiving the hard copy in the post, and had been printing theirs out to read on paper wherever they chose, on the bus, train, in the garden, studio etc.

Some messages and photos were lovely ‘goodbyes’ to the paper version, others in support of the online version, some to prove it can be read in minus conditions on the ice!

We thought it might be nice to start a gallery of images, to show where it can be read, exotic locations or just on the sofa, who knows?

So, if you read the newsletter, and would like to email an image and a little info about where you read your copy to Sarah Bodman we will add it here.


Natalie McGrorty

Chip Schilling

Friederun Friederichs

Heinz Stefan Bartkowiak

Nancy Campbell

Klaus von Mirbach