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Artists’ Books Exhibitions in the Bower Ashton Library cases, UWE, Bristol, UK

Caren Florance Swipe

10th September – 31st October 2018

Swipe is a project I started about halfway through my doctorate, when I was scanning some book pages and seeing the tips of my fingers appear in the output, pushing the pages down onto the glass. Decades ago, as an art student, I used to photocopy parts of my body and made work from the results. Decades later, photocopiers can also scan, email, and connect. I began pressing the scan button and moving my fingers along the glass in various ways, following the laser-light, reaching into it and away, gesturing and sliding. The result was organic and fleshy — the body in the machine — with striations of light and smooth green underwater colours. I made a zine from it, and invited poets and artists to connect with it textually.

Some responded directly onto the pages (Gardner, Haynes, Shags, Webb), others sent me a script to typeset and I let myself react to various things: a form that the poet had used (Munden, writing for each page in triplets, which made boat-like shapes floating through the green, Malins, who cut and pasted her words on rough scraps of paper but wanted them to be smoothed out); or the tone of their voice/s (Smith, Carroll, Bullock, Strange); or their connection to technology (Gross, de Rozario). The poets focus on the hand/body, or the machine, or the now-familiar act of swiping a mobile device. I received a package from German artist Ulrike Stoltz, half of USUS, who made multiple responses, one of them being a completely analogue re-drawing of each page of the zine.

Each poet, in return for their contribution, gets a PDF copy for digital use and a bundle of hard copies. The project is ongoing, but slowing down: it is contingent upon my access to the one particular institutional machine that prints the copies just so. The project will retreat from hard copy as the machine becomes inaccessible: I intend to make an online iteration of them, where the viewer can click between the versions, and perhaps mix and match like a sequential exquisite corpse. Swipe is about interaction and connection, yet there is a separateness, a pane of glass between text and image, the poet and myself, that seems to illustrate the space between writer, page and page production.

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Caren Florance joined us as artist-in-residence in the print centre studios from 12th – 20th September 2018, after the IMPACT Printmaking Conference in Spain. During her time here, Caren made a new series of letterpress printed works for an upcoming solo show in Australia. She also did a show and tell of her project for MAMDP students on 19th September, and has donated a print and a copy of the artist’s book she made here to our archive. The SWIPE collection of books is also being donated to Bower Ashton Library’s special collections.

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