Book Arts

Artists’ Books and Independent Publishing Fair
The New Art Gallery Walsall
Saturday 26 November 2011

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A one-day fair of affordable books, zines and multiples made by artists from the UK and beyond. Alongside the fair were workshops including
Simon Goode‘s Letterpress printing and simple bookbinding workshop; a free, drop-in event where participants had a chance to try traditional letterpress printing using lead and wood type, to print and bind their own artists’ books. Seasonal sparkles family workshops were busy with people making decorations, which all added to the festive spirit (we even had a glut of our tiny robin decorations scattered over the table for people to take).

We showed some small artists’ books and affordable multiples by: Suze Adams, Frans Baake, John Bently, Iain Biggs, Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Angela Callanan, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Danny Flynn, EAK Press, Tim Edgar, Hazel Grainger, Charlotte Hall, Paul Laidler, Clemens-Tobias Lange, Imi Maufe, Ahrich van Ohlen, Preacher’s Biscuit Books, Christopher Robinson, Tom Sowden and Maria White.

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Sarah gave a talk in the lovely library space at 3.30pm, showing some of her favourite books made by artists. As the talk was only half an hour, this was difficult to narrow down but included:
Random Passions by Karen Hanmer; A Night Visit to the Library, Amir Brito Cador; Unforeseen Alliances by Anita M-28 (Sally Alatalo) and Love Takes Two & The Other Side by Anita M-28 & Sal Clarke (Sally Alatalo); Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love by Eve Rhymer (Karen Reimer); Double Game by Sophie Calle / Paul Auster; Library of the Unknown and Unknowns by Angie Waller, NON-DESCRIPTION OF THE HILL by Radoslaw Nowakowski; Trail and The Weight by Finlay Taylor; Fake Snow Collection by Heidi Neilson; Good Evening, good evening. So nice of you to come all this way by Gracia Haby; In Padova, looking for you, Gracia & Louise; Home Made Record Sleeves Vol 2 by Stephen Fowler; Lost in the Post: Dispatches from inside Her Majesty’s Postal Service by Kevin Boniface with Shaw & Shaw; DIY or How to Kill Yourself Anywhere in the World for Under $399 by Joe Scanlan; Ants Have Sex in Your Beer, David Shrigley (and in fact any book by David Shrigley!); Dark Globe by Francis Elliott; Kubla Can’t by Tony Kemplen; For it not to be worth the paper it is printed on it has to be printed, and With My Right Hand by Les Coleman; With My Left Hand by Erica van Horn; Police: Coffee Break, The Chase, The Secretary. Tobias Jacob & Friederike von Hellermann; Souvenirs by Ann Tyler; Safety Gear for Small Animals Collection, and How to Help Animals Escape from Natural History by Bill Burns; Liver & Lights No. 43. The People by John Bently; Paysages avec retard (latescapes) by Éric Watier; Day Return by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck; Fortynine Coach Seats and Some of the Buildings on The Sunset Strip by Tom Sowden; Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Michalis Pichler; Various Blank Pages and Ink by Doro Boehme and Eric Baskauskas; Various Small Cookies by Simon Goode; Flygande Steinar and To Keep A Dead Fly In The Hand Just In Front Of A Glacier, and Exercises by Kurt Johannessen.

You can listen to the audio version of Sarah’s talk at: