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Tomasz Wilmanski and Joanna Adamczewska
Galeria AT, Poznan, Poland

We travelled by train from Warsaw to Poznan, to meet with Tomasz Wilmanski founder of Galeria AT which concentrates on text-based work, concrete poetry, experimental books, sound books and performance, and the artist Joanna Adamczewska.

Wilmanski has curated and shown these works there since 1982, and in 1990 started a series of exhibitions called ‘Book and What Next’, containing artists’ books, concrete and visual poetry. To date there have been seven of these shows including artists such as Emmett Williams, Malgorzata Gryglicka, Joanna Adamczewska, Joanna Hoffmann, Adam Witkowski and Bernard Heidsieck.

Joanna Adamczewska is an experimental artist who is concerned with how music, sound and vision can come together within the artist’s book. Since the late 1980’s Adamczewska has been working on ‘Acoustic Books’, a series of unique books produced to create different sounds as they are opened and performed in front of an audience. Adamczewska kindly showed us a film of the performance and talked us through each of these inspirational books

You can download a PDF of the interview here

Tomasz Wilmanski / Galeria AT (AT Gallery)

Joanna Adamczewska


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