Book Arts

Views across the pages: les vues à travers les pages
Sarah Bodman, for the symposium, Artists’
books v. Livres d’artistes,

Museé d’Art Moderne
Saint Etienne

Saturday 29th September 2012

A presentation and discussion around examples of contemporary books by British artists inspired by experiences, travel and memories of France. Books created from the 1980s onwards, from altered books made out of classic literary publications, to structural works specially made for the exhibition ‘Regards Croisés’, reflecting the beauty of France’s regional mountain landscapes. Artists’ books that respond to existing texts by French poets such as Rimbaud, and works relating to theories of philosophers including Augé, Deleuze and Guattari.

British artists based in France include Sharon Kivland, whose year-long project with DomoBaal Editions, London is publishing artists’ books from her collections of vintage French postcards. The French artist Nicolas Frespech and his peers’ work creating e-books for viewing online, and on tablets has included translations across the channel for publishing in English and French. Lucy May Schofield‘s BABL project, supplying bibliographic artists’ books therapy, tours in a specially converted and restored Citroen HY Van; a 1971 ex French Fire Engine. International collaborative projects including British and French artists by organisations such as Field Study‘s ReSiteManual of Scores, Manifestos & Radical Actions.

Books by artists include: Nancy Campbell‘s Boat Trip, a translation of ‘Le bateau ivre’ by Arthur Rimbaud. Codex 8, a collaborative artists’ books project led by Tim Mosely, exploring Deleuze and Guattari ‘s ideas of smooth and striated space in the urban jungle. Tom Sowden‘s photographic bookworks in response to seminal works by Ed Ruscha and Marc Augé‘s theories of non-place in the 21st Century; from supermarkets to car parks and petrol stations, and Anwyl Cooper-Willis‘s Twelve months on the Pavements of Paris.

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