Book Arts

The Book Arts Newsletter is published 7 times a year at the CFPR, edited by Sarah Bodman. You can be added to the contact list to receive an email alert each time a new issue is available, just email Sarah:

We have also made archive copies (up to the current Issue at any given time) available as downloadable, colour, print-quality PDF files, which can also be simply read in any web browser that has a basic Acrobat Reader plug in..

Do you have any artist’s book news?

For inclusion in the Book Arts Newsletter email information, and images (as 200 dpi, 10cm across, RGB, jpegs) to:

Newsletter Deadlines for 2023

  • 15th January for the February newsletter
  • 16th February for the March – mid-April newsletter
  • 3rd April for the mid-April – June newsletter
  • 20th June for the July – August newsletter
  • 15th August for the September – October newsletter
  • 13th October for the November newsletter
  • 20th November for the December 2023 – January 2024 newsletter

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